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Holly Pester – Katrina Sequence

Published 2012, Hardback

Purchase – £14.75 plus Postage
Or Download Free PDF

process: the speech was taken from online mini documentaries about the role of ham radio operators during the hurricane katrina crisis in new orleans. ham radios are amateur, licensed radio network operators. during the storm all official emergency communication networks failed and only ham radios were operational. this left large groups of essentially volunteer radio operators fielding and assisting distress calls. the documentaries featured extracted recordings of conversations between people trapped in flooded areas and hams in outposts around louisiana.

these texts were composed by listening to the audio of the documentaries (with headphones) and reciting the heard speech into a voice recorder. the text was then transcribed from the recording of my recital. the following script is a file compression. it begins with the sound of the wind

Holly Pester is a sound poet and researcher based in London. She has performed at text, art and poetry events including the Serpentine Poetry Marathon 2009, Text Festival 2011, StAnza Festival and Prague MicroFestival, 2012. She is currently researching Sound Poetry and its Intermedial Field for a practice-led PhD at Birkbeck, University of London. Holly Pester’s collection, Hoofs, was released with if p then q press in 2011.

‘Katrina Sequence’ – £14.75 plus Postage

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