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Carol Watts – Alphabetise

A prose poem chronicle. First exhibited in ‘Different Alphabets’, Bury Text Festival, 2005.

The hardcover edition reproduces the original handwritten book in a full colour large format photo-book. The interior of this publication is also available as a free ebook.

Buy Hardcover Edition – £29.50 plus p & p
61 pages, hardcover casewrap, 21.6cm wide × 27.9cm tall, published 2010

Download Free Ebook (21.3 MB, published 2007)

Carol Watts is Co-Director of Birkbeck Centre for Research in Contemporary Poetics. Selected recent publications have included: Occasionals (Reality Street, 2011), When blue light falls, (Oystercatcher, 2008) and The Cultural Work of Empire: The Seven Years’ War and the Imagining of the Shandean State (Edinburgh: EUP, 2007). Watts’ current research focuses on the transatlantic culture of loyalism during the American Revolution.

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